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Science Fiction for History Lovers

April 29, 2023 by in On Books

I recently asked my 11-year-old son whether he preferred fantasy or science fiction. An avid reader of both, he shrugged and said it wasn’t fair to compare because they’re “totally different.” “Fantasy is cool magic in the past,” he said. “Science fiction is cool stuff in the future.” It’s an […]

A Ghost of a Story

February 22, 2023 by in News

I’m excited to announce that my fantasy short story “Wicket 2.0” will be published by Mysterion. It’s a story about doubt and faith, ghosts and a strange little Pomeranian found on the side of the road.   I expect it will appear online in April, although if you’re a Patreon […]

Heaven is Other People

January 24, 2023 by in On Writing

I hate Januarys. You’d think it would be the opposite, particularly because I love Mondays. On a weekly basis, I relish the chance to start over–to begin a new, exciting project or at least return to an old one with fresh eyes.  January should be my uber-Monday, a time of […]

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