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A Brave New Anthology

February 17, 2022 by in On Books

Cover Art by Justin Adams of Varia Studios


Exciting news! One of my short stories will be appearing in the new science fiction anthology Brave New Worlds.  

Here’s a preview from the publisher:

“Humans have dreamed of traveling to the stars for generations. Their hope? To discover verdant new planets where they can build new societies or escape past persecutions. Brave New Worlds will feature fourteen stellar stories set anywhere along our prospective settlers’ uncertain paths—from the heart-wrenching departure from Earth, through the unknown dangers of the long flight through the cold vastness of space, to the immigrants’ final arrival on an alien world. Will they be confronted by the ethical issue of an entirely new ecosystem, or the pure engineering challenges of terraforming a previously lifeless planet? Join us in Brave New Worlds as we explore humanity’s race for the stars!”

Edited by S.C. Butler and Joshua Palmatier, it will be released in August and is available for pre-order in both paperback and ebook through publisher Zombies Need Brains, LLC.  You can also pre-order on your Kindle

The list of amazing authors whose stories will also be featured in the anthology includes:

  • Jacey Bedford, a British science fiction and fantasy author, whose books include the Psi-Tech space opera trilogy and the historical fantasy trilogy Rowankind;
  • Chaz Brenchley, a British Fantasy Award and Lambda Literary Award winner, who is the author of numerous crime, fantasy and science fiction short stories and novels;
  • Eric Choi, an aerospace engineer and Canadian writer/editor who has twice won the Prix Aurora Award, as well as the Asimov Award (now Dell Award);
  • Auston Habershaw, author of the Saga of the Redeemed fantasy series and numerous short stories;
  • Juliet Kemp, a London-based fantasy author whose novels include their Locus-recommended debut The Deep and Shining Dark;
  • Gini Koch, an Arizona-based author of science fiction, fantasy and horror who is best known for her Alien Series (aka Katherine “Kitty” Katt Series);
  • Stephen Leigh, an Ohio-based sci fi/fantasy author of over 30 novels, including the Spectrum Award-winning Dark Water’s Embrace, who is also a longtime contributor to George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards series;
  • Ian Tregillis, a New Mexico-based author of the alternate history trilogy The Milkweed Triptych and The Alchemy Wars.

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